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Dropbox for Business – simplicity, security & safety

Last month we blogged about our Microsoft Partnership and the benefits of Office 365.  Just so there is no favouritism (we don’t want our partners to have fisty-cuff’s over our love and affection…)

We thought this month we would blog to you the benefits of Dropbox for Business. You may not know, we’re a Dropbox for Business Solutions Provider.

At LMS Group, we only partner with companies and products which we believe will enable our clients to have a better business IT continuity (we wouldn’t waffle on so much otherwise!).

So let’s talk Dropbox for Business…

One of the most important aspects for any SME, is the ability to have anytime-anywhere access to important documents and files. It has become paramount for all successful businesses to achieve maximum efficiency regardless of location, (still on Earth would be beneficial though…)

Employees are more frequently working outside the office (does get a bit stuffy in there doesn’t it…) Today more than 37% of employees work from multiple locations, and commonly need to work with external parties. Today 65% of employees work with people outside their company.

So after all those stats – here is our top 5 reasons why we really like Dropbox for Business and think you will too…



You can watch productivity soar by letting team members instantly sync and share data on any device, so they can get work done anywhere. (Let the stop for a tea break though once in a while…)



Dropbox for Business makes data access safe, reliable, and fast. And with powerful admin controls, you can protect information both inside and outside your organization (…in case anyone decides to go rogue.) If a device is lost, remote wipe allows you to quickly delete that information & keep it secure.



It supports for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux mean no one’s left out in the cold. Everyone on your team can access their files across all the platforms that they use to get things done.



You can retrieve deleted folders and files with Unlimited Deletion Recovery (saving you from all those little deleting accidents…). As its self-service, you’ll spend less time training and troubleshooting! Meaning more time to focus on more important business activities.



Dropbox for Business allows multi-device users, to access their files and docs from any device when remote working.


We hope you’re feeling excited about the benefits of Dropbox for Business!

There is a whole world of simplicity, security and safety waiting to be discovered. Make your business IT continuity better, and provide file and document cohesion between all the peeps in the office!


Still thinking about it?

Give us a bell on 0330 088 2565 and we talk you through any questions you might have (Dropbox related obviously…not questions about life, love or other stuff…we’re not experts in that.)