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Introducing Captain Patch and his trusty sidekick The Cloud

Deep in the turbulent depths of Cyberspace, in the midst of digital chaos, one man fights on, regulating disorderly online infrastructures across The Kingdom: Captain Patch.

Some fear that digital disruption sweeping through the land is only the start of things to come. Without the aid of our saviour to patch up cavernous cracks opening up in programs across The Kingdom, significant threats will continue to override opportunities. Downtime and disruption will reign supreme, ambitions will float like dust in the wind.

Cybercrime has cost businesses in The Kingdom more than  £1bn in the past year alone; a 22% increase that the Powers That Be can no longer ignore. The cybercrime plague is one thing, but the full scale of loss as a result of cumulative periods of disruption and downtime is quite another as it simply cannot be quantified.

Captain Patch is a man of many talents, having trained in the forever fluctuating realm of the Information Highway. His only desire is to stabilise software and protect against the evils that lurk within Cyberspace. He can not only eradicate an array of different threats but is a vital source of software updates that help to improve the lives of so many.

Along the way, Captain Patch came across an airy but innovative fellow by the name of The Cloud. Free from fuss and laden with silver linings, his homeland is renowned for its cutting-edge freedoms and contemporary, next-gen solutions that can be accessed from across Cyberspace and beyond. They quickly found mutual ground, and together with the rest of their hero contemporaries, they hosted their services across The Kingdom, forging grand plans that secured continued data storage and backup remedies which remain to this day.

Captain Patch does not respond to beacons in the sky, but he does love a chat! He’s a busy guy so he sends all correspondence to the LMS team who are on-hand to help. They reside in a gizmo cornucopia hide out in the sticks, but you can reach them on 0330 088 2565 or by emailing them at

We now find our hero in good company, but more is in store. The adventures of Captain Patch and his team of compadres are continuous and unwavering…watch this space for the next chapter in this gold-standard tale.