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Dr Disruption threatening your business? Call Captain Patch

Our last exciting instalment showed our hero Captain Patch with his ever trusty sidekick, The Cloud. We now move on,  through the realm of Cyberspace to find ourselves in slightly choppier waters.

Without proper protection, your business could be under threat from a number of devious cyber-criminals out to threaten The Kingdom.

Dr Disruption is one such villain, and he’s on the rampage throughout The Kingdom, carrying out his dastardly plot to disrupt businesses far and wide. All Dr Disruption wants to do is infiltrate the cracks in your business’ system and exploit them. He might not be as dangerous as the likes of the Evil Emperor Ransomware, and others, but the chaos he leaves in his wake certainly still packs a punch.

Dr Disruption doesn’t want your money or your precious secure data. He’s just out to cause all kinds of PC pandemonium and leave a trail of cyber ruins in his wake. If he does manage to infiltrate the cracks in your business’ system he’ll try his best to incur loss of all kinds.

First, you’ll notice your data slipping through the cracks. Dr Disruption isn’t trying to get his hands on it. He just wants to make life difficult for you. Which will work, because then, you’ll notice that you’re losing valuable time trying to recover data that’s got lost in the chasms of cyberspace. And, that will lead to a loss of your sanity and your patience. You’ll be tearing your hair out with the frustration incurred by Dr Disruption’s manic mischief. Surely there’s a better way….

This sounds like a job for Captain Patch. With his epic software and program updates, he’ll work with the trusty Cloud to prevent Disruption’s efforts. Let him know if you’re a victim of the Dr Disruption menace and he’ll pass you on to the good guys at LMS. You can find them on 0330 088 2565 or by emailing them at

We might be in turbulent times at the moment but the arrival of Captain Patch may just change that. Keep an eagle eye out for him in our next epic instalment….