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10 signs that you need to change your IT support

LMS Group pride ourselves on our client approach and gold-standard, cutting-edge services. If you’re even considering switching to another business IT support provider, it may be time to move on. Your business deserves the best, as we like to say – so why wait? Here are 10 pretty great reasons why you should consider jumping off your fence and into the next evolution of IT support that is yours for the taking.

  1. You find yourself wading through jargon on a daily basis

As IT support specialists, we’ve been honing our skills from a tender age. Not to brag, but our collective knowledge would probably fill a sizable folder. The last thing you need during the working week is for your support crew, who you’re paying, to stroll in and dump a load of jargon that you don’t really need to know. If you’re constantly left in a spin over unclear gibberish, and it’s starting to affect autonomy at work, it may be time to look for a supplier that will shed the stress.

  1. You’re constantly frustrated by slooowww service

No business should ever compromise; quick service shouldn’t be traded off for high quality. If your IT infrastructure isn’t ticking along nicely, it needs to be fixed — and pronto. There are a few pesky barriers associated with technological acquisition and transition which put off many business owners from making a switch, which includes long periods of disruption. We always aim to implement the very best technological solutions for your business in a single day, then provide an aftercare service for whenever you need us. Our approach proves that there are companies out there that will not only be a dedicated port of call throughout the year, but also plug those gaps during the initial switch.

  1. …which costs the earth

Tomorrow’s IT solutions for your needs today shouldn’t leave you stretched for cash at the end of each month. LMS Group specialises in meat and two veg infrastructure and telecom solutions that cater to your needs without compromise, because when the local business community is connected and productive, everyone wins!

  1. Your industry needs are being overlooked

IT consultants are a notoriously eclectic and varied bunch with strong opinions and infinite wisdom about pretty much everything — we like to think so anyway. Hiring a team of experts shouldn’t automatically mean that you surrender all decisions to a higher power, because you know your industry inside out — your supplier should definitely take that into consideration. One of the first things we do is to sit down with our lovely clients and work out what really matters to them.

  1. That nagging feeling of dissatisfaction is all too familiar

Ever feel like you always have a set of questions that aren’t ever fully answered, or not in a transparent way, anyway? Maybe you have grand visions for how you want your team to work but your current supplier simply tweaks around the edges and doesn’t take the time to delve into the innovative stuff that really stirs our creative juices. Your business deserves the best, which means leaving no stone unturned until everyone is satisfied.

  1. You feel like you can’t share a tipple

We’re not saying that you need to be best buds with your IT support suppliers (although that would be quite nice, right) but your team should be able to feel like they can have an open and honest conversation that is understanding and supportive, no matter what your circumstances. Communication is key in delivering great service, so if your discussions with a supplier’s voicemail are blossoming into an awkward relationship, it may be time to move on.

  1. You’ve been a victim of cybercrime one too many times

Cybercrime is on the rise, affecting millions of small, medium and large businesses across the country. Common hacking, typically in the form of malware, doesn’t discriminate on industry or number of employees; security breaches simply pinpoint a snag in your system then go in for the jugular. In 2014, 81% of large organisations experienced a security breach. Defeating cybercrime requires constant software updates that utilise cutting-edge cloud-based protection and data storage. If you’re questioning your current IT protection switch now, it’s too big a risk to chance.

  1. Business continuity is just not what it should be

Continuity is the be-all and end-all of business success. By not acting on safeguards to protect your business, online nasties like viruses, malware and thieves will be continuously popping the bubble wrap which keeps IT disasters at bay. Our disaster recovery plans are carefully designed and tailored to keep your system, revenue and reputation secure should an adverse event happen.

  1. You’re routinely shackled to an office laptop

Whatever your thoughts on ‘globalisation’, there’s no denying that software advancements in IT infrastructure and telecoms have opened up gateways for growth, efficiency and productivity. It is now easier than ever to run a business on the move, from anywhere in the world. Anyone can now edit and share documents from any location on any device, for example. There’s a big ol’ world out there; discover more with a fresh team and new lease of life.

  1. The competition is edging ahead

The digital era has enabled businesses to grow at a faster pace, but it has also made it a lot harder for outfits to stand out and cut through the noise. IT infrastructure is at the heart of everything we do, from client communications and data protection to connecting with remote teams and monitoring productivity. If your IT support supplier is satisfied with mediocre, it’s time to get in touch with specialists that will keep you ahead of the competition.


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