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5 Cloud Computing New Year Resolutions for Keeps

We’re pretty passionate about what the cloud can do for any business and are pretty chuffed that, as a Microsoft Gold Partner for small and midmarket cloud solutions, we’re amongst the top 5% of all Microsoft Partners globally. This means that, as well as knowing our stuff, we’re on the front line for any brand new cloud-based software packages that can help your business. So, before you decide that New Year resolutions just don’t work or aren’t for you, let us change your mind with these valuable cloud computing must-dos to keep past January in 2017.

Discover the benefits of Microsoft Azure!

LMS Group really wants to shout about Microsoft’s brand new cloud-based software to anyone who will listen because, well, it’s fantastic for business! Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that ticks all the boxes — analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, web…you name it, it’s probably got it! Brands like M&S and Rolls-Royce are currently utilising Azure to revolutionise business productivity  and application integration. We’re offering it to all our clients, so get in touch to find out more.

Roll out training for staff

Cloud software is the bee’s knees, but the only way to maximise the potential of these star-spangled services is to ensure that your staff are clued up on how to use the software, for example, retrieve a file anywhere-anytime in the event of  document loss. At LMS Group, we believe that your business deserves the best, but we also ensure that you receive the seamless service you need. Our hassle-free approach is crucial because when we leave your workplace, you’ll be able to get the ball rolling with your new kit  or contact us anytime if you need some extra assistance.

Finally eliminate online nasties, for good

It’s no secret that cybercrime affects millions of businesses every year. In 2014, a whopping 84% of organisations experienced a security breach, a statistic that has risen sharply since. If an online nasty spots a snag in your system, chances are that you could fall victim to a breach. Storing confidential data into cloud software may sound a little too abstract for your liking, but trust us, a cloud storage system is far more secure than holding everything on your computer. Spam emails cost the UK over  £2 billion every year these days — that’s huge! LMS Group software captures infected emails before they become a problem, and if (for any reason) your email servers or internet connections fail, an online webmail tool provides a continuity lifeline.

Take your business global, for a fraction of the price

Realise your dreams of becoming a multi-national player in 2017 by turning to the cloud. Cloud computing is fast becoming indispensable for small businesses as it enables greater collaboration and stress-free mobility for staff working on the move. Cloud solutions grow with your business, with instantaneous software upgrades and bespoke backup capabilities so you don’t miss a beat. We love the cloud, not only because we love stress-free, Hakuna Matata vibes, but also because it’s a world-class, money-saving machine that is always working behind the scenes. Better security saves you money; ditching extra hardware saves money; cutting down on IT support and administration simply by taking your workspace with you frees up time and, yep you guessed it, saves your business cash.

Improve online engagement all over the web

You’ve heard about social media analytics, right? Imagine being able to access better analytics than you’re used to which are compiled from all over the web, at a fraction of the price. This changes the game for everything, from measuring and tracking results over time, to understanding what your customers want so that you can roll out services and messages that really engage with your target audience. Again, the full potential of all of this can only be realised if you have a general idea of what you’re looking at, which we’re happy to help with!

If your business is looking for top level service and technical cloud computing support, please give us a call on  0330 088 2565, or contact us here.