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Just in the nick of time: 4G recovery for your SME

To 4G or not to 4G, this is the question…but we kind of already know the answer which is of course, yes, definitely 4G! Time is a precious commodity for any SME, which is why speed and agility are at the forefront of our connectivity solutions. Even the smallest internet blips can hurt productivity, let alone a full-blown disaster, but with a 4G failover router on your side, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning.

What’s so special about a failover router?

For those of us who can’t afford to be disconnected even briefly – which is basically everyone these days – network outages or peak time slowdowns are just unacceptable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple, cost-effective solution to keep business continuity ticking along nicely when our broadband is on its last legs? Enter the Failover Router!

  • Bold statement number 1: Our failover routers guarantee “always online” internet connection.
  • Bold statement number 2: They’re suitable for any IT budget.

A router, as you probably know, is a device that forwards data to devices and between networks. It acts as a busy traffic controller on the front line, deciding which way to send information in order to get it to its rightful destination. So, when this usual order is disrupted for whatever reason, the failover router comes into play. Simply put, when your usual broadband connection isn’t cooperating, these little beauties kick control over to a duplicate system, as soon as it detects a fault or failure. This secondary backup is sometimes referred to as a redundant or standby computer server. Once your primary connection has been sorted out (give us a bell if you need a hand), the router will automatically switch back from the 4G connection. 0% disruption, 100% streamlined snazziness.

If you hear the term ‘switchover’ at any point, it’s because switchover and failover are basically the same operation, except that failover is automatic whereas switchover requires human intervention. This is why many industry geeks prefer failovers for their continuous availability and reliability.

Wherever you wander, wherever you roam…

4G backup is great for staying online while you’re on the move. Roaming the world, as lovely as it is, can be expensive and a load of hassle without the proper kit to keep you connected. From expensive Wi-Fi charges to broadband black spots, the world can sometimes be a hostile place for the average browser. The good news is that our 4G failover makes it easier to access the cloud from anywhere in the world, with faster connection and download speeds. Whether you’ve gone rogue and taken your laptop outside, or you’re working in the comfortable confines of your office, your 4G signal will reach you come rain or shine. No downtime, no excuses not to work, lucky you!

Oh, and they’re compatible with 3G modems, from cheap to fancy, which ticks off another box.

Let’s get your SME up to speed

A whopping 3.9 million UK businesses were hit by internet outages in 2015, with small businesses feeling the brunt of the 12.3bn-pound productivity loss. That’s a lot of disruption. These latest figures have strengthened our resolve to speed up the nation, one business at a time to rid the UK of ‘digital deserts’ once and for all.

So say Hakuna Matata to all your connectivity woes with a top-notch, 4G failover router to keep your SME online, even when it’s not. Contact the LMS Group gurus on 0330 088 2565 or email us at who’ll be happy to discuss your business connectivity needs.