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Author: Cameron Logan

The 2020 Setback

Millennium Bug: this time the 2020 threat is real

The 2020 setback 2020 could be a risky year for over a third of UK businesses. Throughout the coming year, a number of Microsoft’s most common and widely used products will be going end of life and no longer receiving any support or security updates, which could leave your business open to cyber-attacks and data…
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LMS Group Sponsors Chichester vs Tranmere

As many of you will have seen, LMS Group is the official sponsor of Chichester City FC. Since forming our partnership with Chichester City FC, we have been blown away by the high level of performance the team has displayed. They are currently in 9th position of the South East Division Isthmian League. With an…
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Congratulations Chris and Cheryl on their triplets!

If you are a client of LMS Group, you will know our Technical Team Leader, Chris Pegrum. He is well known around the office for being an excellent multitasker, owning some diamond drill bits, having two cats, being a Croquet Champion and countless other things. Well… he has now found a new level of fame!…
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LMS sponsors award for the happiest workplace

On Wednesday 23/10/19, LMS Group’s Managing Director, Luke Mead, was given the opportunity to sponsor an award at the first ever MDHub Lunch and Awards. This was an invite-only event to recognise the achievements of different businesses in the MDHub. We are grateful to have been chosen to sponsor and present the award for ‘The…
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LMS Group Are Proud Sponsors of Chichester City FC

You’ve probably heard the incredible news by now, Chichester City FC have drawn a bye into the Second Round of the FA Cup. As sponsors of CCFC, we could not be prouder! For the first time in 60 years, they managed to qualify for the 1st Round of the FA Cup after winning 6 preliminary…
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Multiple Layers of Cyber Security is Essential to your Business

Multiple Layers of Cyber Security

Think of your business as a bank If you owned a bank, would you only use a single lock and key to safeguard the money in the vault? The answer to that question is most likely a no. You would probably have different layers of security, right? If you answered yes, I would highly recommend…
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