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Three reasons to take cyber-security seriously

Cyber-security…a phrase you hear every day. Whilst I’m sure you have things in place to keep your data and intellectual property secure, is your business taking cyber-security seriously? If you watch or read the news, you will see a story about a business being hacked almost every day. And with cybercriminals targeting businesses every 111…
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How to spot a phishing email

One of the most common types of trying to steal sensitive information, phishing emails can convince even the savviest surfer. They aim to look like a legitimate email trying to elicit a response and usually guise themselves as an establishment such as a bank. So, if phishing emails are hard to identify, what everyday things…
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Feedback worth sharing

At LMS Group, we are incredibly grateful for all of the feedback our clients give us. Whilst we share that feedback from time to time, we really wanted to share this feedback for our employee, Alex. Laura from Contemplation Homes has recognised Alex for his helpfulness, proactiveness, response time and knowledge, saying: “Alex has been…
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IT Strategy

Why every small business should have an IT strategy

Does your business have an IT strategy? If it doesn’t, then it is time to put one in place. Many years ago, businesses saw the IT department as a cost centre; a part of the company that went out and bought computers, software, or anything in between. Since then the IT team have become an…
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LMS Group take on a tall challenge

At LMS Group, we are passionate about raising money for local charities, especially during our current times. Last year we started supporting The Snowdrop Trust, a charity providing care for children with a life-threatening or terminal illness. In 2020 we raised £1,588 through suppliers and company contributions, but we hope to beat that amount and…
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What is ransomware? The biggest growing cyber-attack you need to be aware of.

It’s the moment that everyone dreads – logging onto your work computer to see a malicious piece of software has taken over and you can’t access your files. Worse more, you’ve been asked to pay a sum of money to regain access, otherwise sensitive files will be posted on the dark web. But what is…
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