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Monthly LMS Group Award Winner

Drum roll please…. The winner of the Monthly LMS Group Award is……. At LMS we are BIG believers in customer love! We enjoy building amazing relationships with all our clients and see you as friends that need some technical assistance, not just a number on a phone. Unsurprisingly, our outstanding customer relations helped us become…
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Upgrade to Windows 10 before January 2020

Microsoft Software Going EoL in 2020

How Does This Effect Your Business? The time has come for over half of the businesses in the UK to upgrade their operating systems. In January 2020, Microsoft are making some of their most popular products End of Life / Service. Including Office 2010, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010,…
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LMS Group accepting our award. - Full credit for the photo goes to Derek Martin Photography, Chichester Observer Series.

LMS Group Wins Medium Business of the Year!

On Wednesday 19th June, we attended the Observer Business Excellence Awards at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel. It was truly a night to remember, attended by local businesses of all sizes and varying industries from the Chichester / Midhurst / Petworth and Bognor Regis areas. The night was, filled with laughs, good food and arguably…
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LMS Group is pleased to be awarded with Cyber Essentials Certification

LMS Group is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Cyber Essentials Certificate, which verifies the company’s commitment to safeguarding all systems and data. The certification can only be secured following a stringent Government-backed assessment. LMS Group was awarded the certification following an independent assessment and evaluation of all of its data management and…
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We’re staying steady amongst skyrocketing ISP prices

In the news: BT and other ISPs increase their prices, again. In other news, LMS Group will provide a free review of your business telecoms.   BT and other ISPs recently announced hikes in their broadband and calls costs, starting from 2nd April 2017. And this isn’t BT’s first price hike either. In fact, it’s their…
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It’s time to speed up your telecoms – why lag behind?

Great telecoms infrastructure is invaluable for your business, but only if you can get your hands on it. Research at the end of 2016 revealed that UK mobile connectivity is lagging the likes of Albania, Peru and Romania, while UK-wide connectivity is falling behind London. As a nation known for its entrepreneurship, innovation and tech-driven…
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