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Every business relies on its critical data, so in the event of any natural disaster or operational break down you’ll need to have a failsafe way of retrieving those important files. This is often a challenge for SMEs as backup solutions can be notoriously difficult to manage, not to mention costly.

One of the great things about cloud computing is that it eliminates the need to spend a fortune on on-premise convoluted backup solutions; cloud backup also makes your files easy to retrieve from anywhere with an internet connection. Now, instant access to your critical data is easily achievable no matter how big your company is and how much data you have.

Cloud backup services from LMS offer you multiple benefits, including:

  • Cost reductions- predictable monthly subscriptions mean you’ll never have to pay upfront for
    costly hardware and software again
  • Fast file restoration- if the worst happens and you lose an important file, you’ll be able to retrieve it quickly from our remote backup. This also protects you in other unforeseen circumstances such as fires and floods.
  • 24/7 monitoring- we use industry leading software to ensure that your network is looked after around the clock, along with regular updates and reports.
  • Different backup levels- you’ll have the choice of backing up individual files and databases or whole computer systems; giving you the flexibility to decide what works best for your business.
  • Space saving- not only will moving to the cloud allow you to save physical office space, you’ll also be able to free up a lot more local storage. Files can also be archived to help you comply with industry regulations or refer back to when needed.
  • Secure- data security is one of the most common concerns when moving to the cloud, but you can trust us to ensure that our cloud backup services deliver the very highest standards of security, reliability and privacy. With over 99.999% uptime and full encryption, ISO 27001 certification and guaranteed UK only storage, your critical data will be as safe as houses.



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