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The whole idea of cloud computing is that instead of having multiple servers taking up space and using excessive amounts of power in-house, they can be hosted remotely in data centres. Common terms include hosted servers, IaaS, co-location/co-lo and hybrid, with different options allowing you to decide whether you want to move your entire system to the cloud or maintain a mixture of in house and remote access. This makes Cloud servers a fantastic option if you’re looking for extra flexibility and performance without compromising on security and performance.

We deliver world class and award winning Cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes, and moving to our Cloud Servers offers you an extensive range of benefits.


Benefits to moving to our cloud servers include:

  • Expert advice and support to help you make an informed decision and understand all the intricacies of cloud computing
  • Strategy planning and project management
  • Full virtualisation, meaning you can easily transfer Linux or Windows based servers to the Cloud
  • Unlimited support and out of hours cover
  • UK based servers
  • Bullet Proof Security- servers can be locked down to stop unauthorised access
  • Resilient, fully available access through virtualisation and SAN technology, with 99.9% uptime
  • Simple, transparent pricing options that allow you to pay for what you use rather than a set monthly contract
  • Total flexibility- you’ll be able to access your emails from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection and have total peace of mind that they’re safe


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