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Office 365

Productivity in the cloud

You have probably heard of Office 365 before, but what does it do and how will it benefit your business? Office 365 is Microsoft’s leading cloud productivity suite that provides better communication and collaboration to users. 

For your staff, there is a range of products that will improve their ability to be creative while at work and while they are out of the office. With the ability to keep notes, send emails and update documents on the go, you will see a massive increase to staff productivity. 

Businesses will see a drop in system expenditure as all productivity solutions will be bundled into one, easy to manage monthly expense. Better still, this is fully scalable with the growth of your company so as your business expands, your IT will keep up.

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What if…?

• You could improve staff productivity?
• You could work from anywhere at anytime?
• You could securely store data on the cloud?
• You could reduce your IT system expenses?
• You never worried about software licensing?
• You could quickly share files with your team?

Office 365 benefits

• Allow your team to work from anywhere
• 24/7/365 access to emails and files
• Easy to manage monthly payment
• Greatly increase staff productivity
• Allows staff to collaborate more effectively
• Fast file sharing between devices

Office 365 features

• Accessible anytime and from anywhere
• Create spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel 
• Send & receive emails with Microsoft Outlook
• Design presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint
• Produce documents with Microsoft Word
• Keep data secure with Microsoft OneDrive

Our commitment to you

We guarantee that every customer enquiry is dealt with by a group of highly trained and experienced IT professionals, not a ‘chatbot’.

Every time you contact our team we’ll handle your enquiry promptly and expertly, helping you work out how best to improve IT for your business needs and staff benefit. So you can get on with running your business and focusing on growth.

Call and book your FREE productivity systems review on 0330 088 2565

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what LMS Group clients say:

LMS has been absolutely brilliant. They overhauled our ancient systems and migrated us to Office 365. LMS have been instrumental in our move to our new site and completed all the works and specifications.

Tanya Bricker

Sussex Equine Hospital

LMS were energetic, knowledgeable and fast to find cloud solutions to legacy problems, with a roadmap to transform our infrastructure. We are in a much more flexible and autonomous state thanks to LMS.

Ben Philipson

Marlin PR

Since moving our network infrastructure and cyber security to LMS Group, as well as adding Office 365, we have increased the productivity and efficiency of day to day business life, as well as having less downtime.

Jeremy Burbidge


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