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Distribution Client Telecoms Case Study

The client is a distribution client with sites in Hampshire, West Sussex and within the Gatwick Diamond.

LMS was introduced to the client via a mutual contact. With their business growing, and plans to open new sites, they needed us to assess their telecoms as their existing system was holding back growth.



Upon first meeting with the client, they explained that they face numerous issues with their existing telecoms system. Our strategy was to perform a full phone audit and update their old system.


  • On performing a check-up of their systems, we found various reasons that the phones weren’t living up to their full potential.
  • BT has installed a VoIP system at their main office in Crawley. However, there was no site survey carried out and the DECT phone signal was being lost resulting in poor call quality.
  • If a call came in for someone at their main office, the person answering the phones had to run around the building with the phone whilst the other person was on hold; calls could not be transferred.
  • Their other office had a single analogue phone line which was always engaged therefore resulting in lost business.
  • If a call came in for accounts at their sub office, they had to advise people to call the main office- calls could not be transferred between the sites. When the call then got to the main office, someone would answer the call and have to run the phone down to the other end of the warehouse.

There had to be a better way. Along came LMS…


  • LMS headed to the clients’ main site to assess the situation. We then carried out a full audit and fixed a whole range of issues.
  • The very first thing we did was look at the clients’ phone bills. We highlighted a number of savings they could make by changing their system.
  • We then installed structured cabling at the main office, preventing anymore call drop outs.
  • We also installed fibre broadband connections at each site, meaning internet and call speeds increased.
  • There is visibility through busy lamp fields so that everyone knows who’s on the phone and can transfer calls easily.
  • Menus were integrated into the phone system so callers can easily pick the service and site they require without having to ring different number and waste time.


With LMS’ changes, the company now has a unified solution whereby inter-office calls can be made, cost-free. The business now has a proper and SCALABLE solution that’s not only cost effective, but has solved a business problem. It also means no more running around the warehouse.

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