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Case Study – Centurion Group

CASE STUDY – Estate Agent

An IT System Designed to Help The Business Grow, Not to Hinder.

Centurion Group is based in Brighton and owns The Brighton Square Portfolio and various other property assets within the city of Brighton & Hove. The company is involved in all aspects of property investment, management and development for themselves and private clients.

The Client

For over forty years, Homewise have been specialising in home purchase options for over 60s. Back in 1971, Reg Neal started the company with the aim of providing affordable homes for a group of friends that were struggling to find housing on account of their age. Nowadays, the company is run by Reg’s sons: Mark, Justin and Sean, with a little help from mum, Karen. 

Key Results

 – New professional grade PCs and Windows applications 
 – New infrasructure using a combination of virtual and conventional servers  
 – Migrated emails to Microsoft Exchange
 – Utilise LMS MailSafe for exceptional spam filtering
 – LMS 24/7 Proactive Monitoring Program
 – Configured the two internet connections to allow for bandwidth management

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The Challenge

When Centurion approached LMS they were planning to expand their operations but were hampered by their
IT infrastructure, equipment, email set up and software. In short their system would significantly hamper their
plans for the company’s future prosperity. It was evident that their IT was hindering their growth, so they turned to LMS as they knew we specialise in supplying the best IT systems to allow a company to succeed. 

Ed Allison-Wright, Director

“Having a high quality IT system is highly important to our company and LMS
have not only installed a high specification server system in a short space of time, out of office hours…but the LMS team now maintains the system with 24/7 assistance, which is perfect for us. Our new IT system couldn’t be in safer hands.”

Our Strategy

Understanding Centurion’s business and its IT needs would be imperative in delivering a sustainable winning solution. Our focus was on the IT impediments to their growth strategy so we could identify them, remove them and put in place a system that would ensure IT was a tool for growth and not an impediment.


During our audit of Centurion, we found a number of issues with both their hardware and software. These would need to be resolved to get the business brought back up to a professional standard. 
We found issues with their network, it was inadquate to run their SQL property program and their PCs were also unable to run the correct software, their PCs were also running the ‘home’ version of Windows.
Centurion also had inadequate spam and virus protection. There were a number of other issues that would also need to be resolved along the way. 

Recommendations & Installations

Following the results of our initial audit process, it was obvious that a complete IT upgrade was required to brinf the company back into the 21st century and improve both internal / external communications. 
We recommended and installed new, professional grade PCs and Windows applications. A new infrastructure using a combination of virtual and conventional servers. We also decided to migrate their emails to Microsoft Exchange to have full access to features (prior to this, they were just using a basic Gmail account). 
As we had noticed that there was not a clear, disciplined backup system in place. We decided to install a daily backup to an off-site location, which would give them an extra layer of security in the event that disaster was to strike.

The installation of this project as delivered smoothly, without fuss, hitch or drama and on budget. The project also exceeded the original brief, which means Centurion are now ahead of the competition, all from a weekend of work for LMS.  

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