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CASE STUDY – Schlich

Schlich partners with IT Support company who helps to facilitate company growth

Approx. 25 users
Head office in Littlehampton, West Sussex.
Schlich is a boutique firm of European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, that help their clients defend their business from competitors.

The Client

Schlich's purpose is to secure and protect their clients' IP interests and deploy then against competitors, by providing the right expertise and knowledge in an effective commercial manner.

Key Outcomes
  • LMS Group has built up a rapport with everyone at Schlich
  • Schlich feel they have an IT partner who really understand their systems
  • Schlich receive a consistent and professional service
  • Schlich now feel confident in their IT provider
  • LMS Group respond to urgent issues quickly and without delay

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The Challenge

As a new business, Schlich had a one-man band who was helping support their IT, which worked whilst Schlich were in their infancy. As the company grew, it quickly became apparent Schlich needed an organisation who was more professional and had an in-depth knowledge of IT and technology.

Amanda Berry Schlich

“As well as providing unrivalled IT support, LMS Group have built a rapport with everyone in our business. We have been working with LMS Group for a long time now, and I don't see that changing any
time soon.”

Amanda Berry
Premises & Project Manager

The LMS Group Approach

Following an initial meeting with LMS Group, the IT support provider approached Schlich with the goal of creating a robust, stable network and infrastructure to ensure that Schlich's technology could facilitate their projected growth over the next five years. LMS Group also worked with Schlich to implement a range of business tools such as a hybrid file sharing system, and Microsoft 365 SharePoint to improve their remote network and online collaborative experience.

The Outcome

Whilst working together for a number of years, the team at LMS Group has built a strong rapport with the employees at Schlich. Schlich now feel they have an IT partner who not only understand their systems, but also understand their business challenges and goals, making Schlich feel confident in the IT provider.

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