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CASE STUDY – Waterscan

Strategic IT Partner, supporting transformation, IT services & cloud technologies.

Approx. 68 users
Head office in Chichester, West Sussex, with an additional site in Rotherham, Yorkshire.
Waterscan is the UK’s leading provider of water management services, providing a range of bespoke solutions for any sized company.

The Client

Their solutions are aimed at improving water efficiency and reducing costs to their customers. Their strategic approach in what they do has also allowed them to focus on new cost saving technologies such as rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling.

Key Outcomes

 • Converted IT infrastructure into a cloud storage solution
• Introduce internal collaboration and streamline communication
• Migration of emails to Office 365
• Improving security of their data and network

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The Challenge

After investigation, it was clear that the previous IT provider were very reactive in the way they operated and that meant that there was no standardisation on any of Waterscan’s workstations. There was a number of machines running different operating systems and software that caused a serious obstacle when trying to collaborate effectively, but this also had a negative impact on their data security.

Furthermore, the lack of documentation from Waterscan’s previous IT provider soon became evident and made the transition of technology more difficult than expected. This wasn’t an issue as LMS Group have a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialist tools available to use in this kind of scenario.

waterscan Nathan Morgan

“LMS have been fantastic to work with and have helped Waterscan bring an exceptionally high level of control, robustness and modernity to our IT systems which allows Waterscan to focus on our core business. LMS have managed multiple projects at Waterscan with great success, such as: migration to the Microsoft Cloud – specifically Office 365 and Azure AD, implementation of new corporate grade network hardware, implemented a PC hardware refresh and replacement plan. The team at LMS have been knowledgeable, supportive and friendly, whether that is our staff contacting their helpdesk for everyday support or the project and sales teams assisting Waterscan with achieving our business goals.“

Nathan Morgan
Commercial Services Manager

The LMS Group Approach

Following thorough audits of Waterscan’s IT infrastructure and systems, we identified multiple areas that required improvement and then recommended systems that can be implemented to advance the security controls of Waterscan’s data, as well as how cloud technologies will improve the collaboration and productivity of the staff. This approach resulted in LMS Group being instructed as Waterscan’s new Technology Partner.
Key milestones that were agreed included:

– Takeover of IT Support
– Office 365 E-Mail migration
– Migration of data from a physical server to Microsoft SharePoint
– Implementation of Microsoft EMS (Enterprise Mobility & Security)
– Upgrade of network security with Cisco Meraki
– Introduction of failover connection in their Chichester office
– Installation of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) at the Rotherham branch
– Standardisation of workstations and laptops
– Rollout of Windows 10 across the business
– Decommission of physical server

The introduction of Cisco Meraki Firewall for greater network security and the upgrade of PC’s and laptops were sourced, specifically the introduction of Microsoft surfaces being at the forefront of the mobile users. This improved the standardisation of Waterscan’s devices and by applying Windows 10 throughout the business, the link with Azure AD could be applied which was vital to the central management once the server had been decommissioned. This was a gradual roll out to keep in line with budgets.

We managed a smooth transition and upgrade of email services to Office 365 with the addition of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) to provide a complete security wrap around. This was an important phase with the migration of data to SharePoint and the remote workers that will be accessing data.

The Outcome

LMS Group have been in partnership with Waterscan since August 2018 and we have built a strong working relationship. The rollout of technology updates has revolutionised how they operate. The ability for all their systems and staff to collaborate through Microsoft teams allows for flexible working whilst offering enterprise security with Cisco Meraki and EMS.
The roll out of Microsoft Enterprise, Mobility and Security has allowed the company to tighten data controls within the business through:
• Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On with Microsoft Azure Active Directory
• Mobile Application Management and the lockdown of external access to company data
• Enforced Bit locker Encryption on remote devices which contain company data

Finally, LMS Group put together 5-year technology forecast with Waterscan so that all future spend, growth and upcoming technologies were all considered which allows Waterscan to plan.

Special Projects

Other projects that have been managed by LMS group includes:
– Upgrading their Wireless network with enterprise grade Cisco Meraki access points – this includes the separation of guest and staff Wi-Fi SSD’s to improve security and ensuring that company bandwidth isn’t compromised.
– Helped Waterscan sail through Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials + accreditations (Government backed accreditations)
– Supplied additional hardware such as Samsung Flip’s and Barco Clickshare, ideal for presentations and collaborative working.

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