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Compliance is good for business

No-one likes the idea of enforced compliance but it’s a fact of business life. The Information Commissioner’s Office, who monitor GDPR compliance in the UK, has already fined multiple businesses for data breaches. These include British Airways record £176m penalty, followed by a £95m fine for Marriott.

GDPR and data compliance regulations ensure user data is secure and up to date, and your business safe from any fines for data or other breaches. And besides the fines, compliance protects you from reputational damage too.

The source of most data breaches is your employees, usually because they have not been fully trained or informed on their obligations as regards adding, using, manipulating, storing or deleting user data, often in multiple databases.

LMS Group is able to help with our comprehensive 3 stage GDPR checklist.


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What if…?

• You were up to date with all data regulations?
• You could ensure ongoing data compliance?
• Everyone understood their data obligations?
• You could maintain better user data control?
• You could avoid any data compliance fines?

Data compliance benefits

• Reduce business data use and handling risks
• Data controls to ensure ongoing compliance
• Monitoring of new devices and data sources
• Policies on data storage, useage and disposal 
• Link to a LMS Group cyber security package

GDPR compliance checklist

STAGE 1 – audit your organisation
– server data, cloud services, device data access
STAGE 2 – user and access control
– data admin, user access rights and user policies
STAGE 3 – improve your IT network and security
– regular scans, software updates, data encrytion

View our comprehensive 3 stage GDPR checklist

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Ensure your business is GDPR & data compliant

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LMS Group has been absolutely brilliant. The team overhauled our ancient systems and migrated us to Microsoft Office 365. LMS Group was instrumental in our move to our new business site and completed all the work to specification.

Tanya Bricker
Tanya Bricker

Sussex Equine Hospital

Since moving our network infrastructure and cyber security to LMS Group, as well as adding Microsoft Office 365, we have increased the productivity and efficiency of day to day business life, as well as having less downtime.

Jeremy Burbidge
Jeremy Burbidge


The team were energetic, knowledgeable and fast to find cloud solutions to legacy problems, with a roadmap to transform our infrastructure. We are in a much more flexible and autonomous state thanks to LMS Group.

Ben Philipson
Ben Philipson

Marlin PR

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