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Global high speed connections

High-speed connections are imperative to help your business continue to grow. Without reliable connections, both internally and externally, your efficiency and collaboration could be adversely affected. A tailored connectivity solution from LMS Group will help your staff to become a lot more productive.

LMS Group provides a wide range of connectivity solutions from cloud to mobile to high-speed optical fibre. Regardless of your business size, we can offer you a solution at a sensible budget, designed to support your growth. 

Our solutions also include the latest ultra-fast broadband, 4G and 5G mobile.

Global high speed connections

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What if…?

• You never needed to worry about slow internet?
• You could increase your employee productivity?
• You could decrease your network disruption?
• You had a fast, reliable broadband connection? 
• You could reduce broadband and mobile costs?
• All your staff could stay connected on the go?

Better connectivity benefits

• Faster broadband means better collaboration
• Speedier and more reliable internet connection
• Allow staff to work on the go with 4G and 5G
• Significant reduction in connection downtime
• Fast access to a cloud working environment
• Generate increases in employee productivity 

Connectivity features

• Guaranteed ulta-fast internet speeds
• 4G and 5G for fast teamwork on the go
• Reliable all-area Wi-Fi business solutions 
• Full fibre optic cables and connections
• Speedy install of networks and cabling
• Solutions to connect multiple sites together

Our commitment to you

We guarantee that every customer enquiry is dealt with by a group of highly trained and experienced IT professionals, not a ‘chatbot’.

Every time you contact our team we’ll handle your enquiry promptly and expertly, helping you work out how best to improve IT for your business needs and staff benefit. So you can get on with running your business and focusing on growth.

Call to book your FREE connectivity review with a consultant TODAY on 0330 088 2565

Client testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what LMS Group clients say:

The new dedicated leased line has made a very positive impact on all we do here and the new phone system is also making us much more efficient.

Annie Haak
Annie Haak

Annie Haak

Since moving to LMS, we have increased our productivity and efficiency of day to day business life due to less downtime.

Jeremy Burbidge
Jeremy Burbidge


LMS were energetic, knowledgeable and fast to find cloud solutions to legacy problems, with a roadmap to transform our infrastructure.

Ben Philipson
Ben Philipson

Marlin PR

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