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Connectivity Services

We Can Assist In Every Aspect of IT 

Our range of high speed business broadband and connectivity solutions are great value for money and can be easily tailored to meet your specific organisational requirements.

Connectivity is key to any successful business, and communications & IT go hand in hand. We deliver a full range of technologies to help your business stay connected, wherever you may be.

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Wi-Fi Solutions

Because connectivity is key to your business, it makes sense to work with a trusted partner who has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction.

Networks and Cabling 

Your business relies on communication. If your network lets you down you’re in danger of significant productivity losses and strained relationships with customers and suppliers.

MPLS Networks

Connect multiple sites, locations, satellite offices and homeworkers with a super-private and super-secure MPLS network.

Leased Lines

Connectivity is critical to your business. With so much of our work now conducted online, no business can afford to experience downtime or lapses in communication or connectivity.

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA)

Generic Ethernet Access uses FTTC and FTTP technologies to provide an internet connection with a set SLA that’s dedicated to your business.

FTTC Broadband

Fibre Optic Broadband delivers super fast internet speeds and exceptional resilience and is often seen as the next step up for businesses who want to move on from ADSL or bonded DSL.

Business Broadband

Our business broadband packages are suitable for businesses of all sizes (regardless of location) and can be tailored to meet your budget and organisational requirements.

Bonded DSL

Bonded DSL works in much the same way as ADSL, but offers faster speeds by bonding up to 4 separate ADSL lines together, creating one single high speed connection.

ADSL Broadband

Our standard business broadband enables internet access via a copper analogue phone line. It’s best suited to small businesses, home workers and those in rural areas

3G and 4G Data

Mobile data networks offer fast 3G and 4G that make communication and working on the go easier than ever.


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