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Bonded DSL

Bonded DSL works in much the same way as ADSL, but offers faster speeds by bonding up to 4 separate ADSL lines together, creating one single high speed connection. It offers all the benefits of the standard option along with a greater level of scalability and improved bandwidth to use internet based solutions such as VoIP, SIP, video conferencing and file sharing.

Bonded DSL is a great way to get super-fast internet speeds if your business is unable to receive Fibre (FTTC) Broadband and you don’t want to take on the cost or commitment of a leased line. It’s also particularly helpful if you’re based in a more rural location that suffers from slow internet speeds.

We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to meet your specific organisational needs and budget, and you can always trust us to provide impartial, honest advice with no hard sell.


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