MPLS Networking


Connect multiple sites, locations, satellite offices and homeworkers with a super-private and super-secure MPLS network. Ideal for demanding applications such as IP telephony, Video Conferencing, Data Sharing and multi-site backup.

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a way of ensuring packets of data are prioritised appropriately and end up in the correct location. Packets are labelled accordingly, allowing the network to route and distribute the information efficiently and reliably.

MPLS technology offers businesses a highly secure, reliable and low cost inter-site network solutionBecause internet traffic is all routed within your own private virtual network there is no need for multiple firewalls, allowing you to make significant cost savings. All you need is a router at each location and you’re good to go.
An MPLS circuit from LMS provides distinguished performance and prioritisation of traffic as well as voice and multimedia applications on a single network.


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