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All businesses need fast, reliable Wi-Fi, but not everyone has the budget for a complex, enterprise grade set up. That often leaves you with two choices- spend all your cash on an all singing, all dancing Wi-Fi solution that costs a fortune or make do with a consumer grade package designed for the home. Neither are very attractive options, but there is an alternative.

Because connectivity is key to your business, it makes sense to work with a trusted partner who has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction. At LMS we’re able to deliver a range of options that can be carefully tailored to fit around you. You’ll be able to take advantage of a reliable Wi-Fi service that works to your budget and allows you to scale up or down as necessary.

We’ll take the time to understand your business and how it works before making our recommendations about which option will suit you best. We’ll be totally impartial and honest, with no hard sell- just expert, clear advice.


Choosing LMS to implement your new Wi-Fi solution means you’ll can trust us to ensure that:

  • You’re fully connected at all times
  • Costs are kept to a minimum and you’ll be guaranteed the best deal
  • Efficiency and productivity are maximised
  • Everything is totally transparent
  • Your Wi-Fi will work in perfect harmony with your other technologies
  • You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to change as you grow

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