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Remove business IT vulnerabilities

Exploiting IT vulnerabilities is the rooot cause of most IT security breaches. Constant changes to devices, configurations, applications and even new software patches could leave you susceptible to a cyber attack, even if you are keeping your security controls up to date.

The complexities surrounding modern computers and IT networks require regular vulnerability scanning and remediation. Every business needs to detect and defend against evolving threats from hackers who use ‘holes’ in IT systems that can cause a potentially devastating effect on your business.

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Remove business IT vulnerabilities

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What is Atlas Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessment Scanning involves the technical inspection of a computer or network to identify any security ‘holes’ or ‘vulnerabilities’ that an attacker can exploit, either to cause major disruption to your business, or to try and steal sensitive business or user information.

A vulnerability scan detects and classifies all potential IT security weaknesses, allowing early remediation or changes to IT systems.

Atlas Vulnerability Assessment benefits

 – Significantly reduce your overall information security risks
 – Enhancing partner and client confidence in your IT security
 – Thwart newer or more sophisticated cyber security threats
 – Deal with threats outdated detection systems might miss
 – No need for costly in-house Cyber Security professionals
 – No large capital expenditure or upfront IT system costs
 – Comprehensive audit trail assists in standards compliance
 – Unlock IT budget with a clear business case justification

Why is vulnerability assessment important?

You can’t fix what you don’t know about. So, if your computers and IT networks have any vulnerabilities, you are making the job of a potential hacker much easier, when they are used to using these weaknesses to steal sensitive information, or to cause major disruption to your business.

Many known security holes are an open door for hackers, but can be mitigated easily with help from our detailed Atlas reports and comprehensive, easy to follow, remediation documentation.

Our commitment to every business

We guarantee that all customer IT security enquiries are dealt with by highly trained and experienced IT professionals.

Every time we receive a call or email from you we’ll handle it promptly and expertly, helping you work out how best to deliver effective cyber security for your specific needs, so that you can get on with running your business and focusing on growth.

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Why do I need to perform regular IT system scans?

Vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in old and new systems (even after new patches have been applied from vendors) so it is imperative you remain just as continuously vigilant as the hackers remain continuously determined to cause disruption to your business.
ATLAS: is routinely updating and regularly scanning for the latest threats without requiring in-house research or additional training. This allows you to allocate your time and resources to other responsibilities and do more with a smaller team.

Is a threat on my IT systems real? Well, you decide…

With websites, online and email links abundent in the modern business world, the potential for IT vulnerabilities can reach every part of life, as more and more traffic is directed to websites in search of useful business information.


A new security vulnerability is identified approximately every 90 minutes


There are an average of seven vulnerabilities per asset across a typical IT environment


8,000 new IT vulnerabilities are identified each year, many of these are categorised as critical


It takes an average of 103 days until all known security vulnerabilities are remediated


It takes an average of just 15 days for a new IT system vulnerability to be exploited

Client testimonials

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LMS set up email protection for us in a few hours. We no longer get unwanted spam and can continue with our day to day work. A friendly team, well priced and effective

Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks

United Magic Studios

We feel protected against cyber-attacks. We now have peace of mind that our system backups are good and, should the system fail, we’ll be back up and running in hours

David Woods
David Woods

Compass Supply Solutions

Their proactive approach, solutions and recommendations matched our requirements perfectly. LMS Group are friendly, courteous, professional and always willing to go the extra mile

Jo Trew
Jo Trew

Maddison Product Design

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