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Guard business from cyber threats

Launched by the Department for Business in 2014, Cyber Essentials is a UK wide scheme that encourages all businesses to adopt good IT security.

Security and privacy are of absolute paramount importance, not just for individual users but, with sensitive data, even more so at a business level.

Cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes. The vast majority of attacks are relatively basic, carried out by unskilled individuals or using downloadable automated programs abroad. Yet their business impact can be devastating.

Cyber Essentials

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There are five technical controls businesses need to put in place for Cyber Essentiials

Point of entry to your network

This is your business firewall

Configuration of your devices

Your routers, servers mobiles & computers

Access control

Restrict access of staff, contractors and clients to only the information they need to see

Patch management

Keeping your systems up to date is vital when protecting them from malicious software and potential cyber attacks

Malware protection

Making sure that you have the right software or hardware installed to protect your machine from attacks from malware and viruses

LMS Group helps you stay cyber safe

LMS Group helps you stay cyber safe

LMS Group is Cyber Essentials PLUS accredited, and we can offer you valuable advice to help prepare your business for the journey to full accreditation.

The steps to Cyber Essentials Certification are relatively simple, but it pays to have expert advice and a helping hand to ensure you’re on track from day one.

Cyber Essentials accreditation packages from LMS Group

LMS Group offers four packages to achieve full Cyber Essentials accreditation, ranging from doing it yourself, to us doing it on your behalf, but with each package ensuring you can become fully accredited quickly and easily.



One-off Payment

  • Cyber Essentials Certification fee
  • Free 12 months’ cyber insurance*



One-off Payment

  • Everything In DIY plus:
  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • 5 hours remote support



One-off Payment

  • DIY plus:
  • 1 day on-site assistance
  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Remote follow-up for best practice security implementation
  • We submit your assessment on your behalf
  • Full network security review and report
  • Achieve Cyber Essentials Certification



Per Month

  • Get a lot of help plus:
  • Unlimited pre-assessment consultancy
  • On-going network vulnerability scanning and reporting
  • Constant security vulnerability scanning of public IP address(es)
  • On-going dark web monitoring for company usernames and passwords

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Client testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what LMS Group clients say:

LMS set up email protection for us in a few hours. We no longer get unwanted spam and can continue with our day to day work. A friendly team, well priced and effective

Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks

United Magic Studios

We feel protected against cyber-attacks. We now have peace of mind that our system backups are good and, should the system fail, we’ll be back up and running in hours

David Woods
David Woods

Compass Supply Solutions

Their proactive approach, solutions and recommendations matched our requirements perfectly. LMS Group are friendly, courteous, professional and always willing to go the extra mile

Jo Trew
Jo Trew

Maddison Product Design

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