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Launched by the Department for Business in 2014, Cyber Essentials is a UK wide scheme aimed at encouraging businesses to adopt good IT Security practices. We’ll take you through all the steps you need to take to ensure your business meets the required standards for certification and stays protected from cyber threats.

With more Cyber Attacks than ever before and with malicious software astonishingly easy to come by, you can’t afford to take any risks with cyber security. Not only can breaches cost you significantly in terms of money and productivity, new GDPR regulations that come into force in 2018 will make you liable too, so it’s up to you to ensure your business is protected.

The Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme clearly outlines a set of controls that have been specifically developed to help business owners mitigate security risks. By becoming accredited, you can expect to reduce the risk of being attacked by up to 80%. It will also help you comply with the Government’s Ten steps to Cyber Security and associated ISO standards.

We’ve got all the certificates and accreditations you’d expect from cyber security specialists, and our extensive experience and guidance will enable you to meet the necessary requirements to obtain accreditation. We’ll work with you through the five key controls under the scheme:

  • Secure Configuration – security should be a continuous exercise, not just a one off, so this control requires you to have robust policies and procedures in place.
  • Boundary firewalls, internet gateways and endpoint protection – this control requires you to be able to demonstrate that you’re doing all you can to protect your network.
  • Access controls and admin privilege management – cyber threats are often related to current or previous employees causing damage, both deliberate and accidental. This control specifically relates to how you approach such threats.
  • Patch management – hackers are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities in your software so it’s critical that you address any potential issues and apply patches.
  • Malware protection and phishing – many security breaches are unintentionally caused by employees clicking on infected links. This element focuses on staff awareness and training to minimise incidents.


Why get certified?

Not only will involvement in the scheme allow you to protect your business, it also demonstrates to your customers that you’re serious about looking after their personal data. If you ever want to bid on selected contracts you will also have to demonstrate certification as a minimal requirement.

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