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FREE complete IT security review

50% of UK businesses reported a cyber attack last year (Hiscox research). With cyber crime on the rise, IT security is one of the biggest challenges every business faces, and your users and data need to be protected at all times.

The question you might ask is, could your business technology withstand a cyber-attack or data breach, and the potential fines that go with it? This can be one of the major worries that keeps many a business owner or manager awake at night.

LMS Group provides peace of mind with a comprehensive free IT security assessment, normally charged at £1,500. This is a no obligation review of how all your IT security could be improved.

FREE complete IT security review

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Benefits of your FREE IT security review

Any business can have all the risk assessment  documents in the world, but they are relatively worthless if your network isn’t supported by bulletproof protection against data theft, malware, ransomware and other IT Threats.

Cyber Crime is big business around the world, so it’s essential that you always keep your IT up-to-date and are fully aware of any security vulnerabilities within your organisation. 

The question is, why would you NOT want a FREE IT security review for the business you have spent time and money growing?

But my current IT provider offers security

Regardless of any current agreement you have with any IT partner or provider, LMS Group offers a FREE, impartial, expert report on all of your oganisation’s IT vulnerabilities:

• A detailed review of IT security and vulnerabilities
• Explanation of any current IT security exposure
• Review of user firewall licensing or system issues
• Advice and recommendations to improve IT security

How does the IT security review work?

Many IT security vulnerabilities are not immediately obvious to small businesses. LMS Group helps you pinpoint all of your IT risks quickly and provides you with a detailed plan of action.

We meet you to gain a full understanding of your current IT security set up and to identify any immediate risks or issues.

After the review, we will present you with a detailed document highlighting all of the IT security vulnerabilities we have found. 

Once you have had time to review the report, we provide the option to choose from three detailed cyber security audit packages, to protect your business from future IT risks.

Our commitment to cyber security

With the threat from cyber criminals constantly evolving, cyber crime is one of the biggest threats to businesses, costing the UK billions of pounds every year in lost time and revenue. Can you afford to leave your business unprotected?

LMS Group delivers robust cyber security services to suit businesses of all sizes, helping you stay vigilant and safe from attacks and cyber disaster.

We cover everything from cyber security awareness, staff training, security systems, disaster recovery planning and ongoing security support and consulting advice.

Book a FREE IT security review on
0330 088 2565 or fill out the form below

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