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Free IT Security Assessment


How secure is your network? Is your IT Security up to scratch? Could your business withstand a cyber-attack or breach?

You can have all the risk assessment documents in the world but they’re worth nothing if your network isn’t supported by bulletproof protection against data theft, malware, ransomware and other IT Threats. Cyber Crime is big business, so it’s essential that you’re fully aware of any vulnerabilities within your organisation and how to prevent them turning into a big problem.

Regardless of any agreement you have in place with another IT provider, we will provide you with an impartial, expert report with no obligation that:


  • Gives an accurate view of your current IT security set-up.
  • Gives you a full understanding of any current exposures, for instance out-of-date firewall licensing or poor configurations.
  • Advice and recommendations as required to make improvements


We’ll begin by visiting your place of work to gain a full picture of your current set up and identify any security risks.  We know how important data security is for your business, which is why we’re prepared to provide our security assessments completely free of charge. During the assessment we’ll look at things like border protection, Intrusion Prevention Systems, firewalls and anti-virus protection, staff awareness and backup procedures.

Once we understand the situation, we’ll provide you with a full report based on our findings. At this stage, should you wish to take things one step further you’ll then have the option to choose from three more detailed cyber audit packages which will enable you to make your business safer.

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