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Our Approach


Here at LMS we work hard to keep your business safe from cyber attacks. Our combination of industry leading solutions and expertise ensures we’re able to deliver robust and comprehensive security cover for businesses of all sizes.

Our managed security services have been designed to provide maximum protection from cyber threats alongside fast, efficient responses to any potential breaches.

We approach IT security using a six step process:


  1. Identify – as part of our audits and assessment services we pinpoint any potential risks and make
    appropriate, honest suggestions based on our findings.
  2. Protect – we believe that a layered approach to IT security is the safest, so we design and deploy robust strategies tailored to your individual organisation.
  3. Monitor – we provide round the clock monitoring to keep an eye on your system, using industry leading threat detection software.
  4. Detect – early detection of any threats is always preferable to dealing with problems after the event, so our warning systems allow our team to take fast action and minimise impact.
  5. Respond – in the event of any attack, following correct procedures in a timely manner is essential, so we’ll use incident management protocols to quickly respond to any threats.
  6. Recover – our Managed Support and Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies will help you get back on track quickly and reliably if the worst should happen.



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