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There is Such A Thing As Ethical Hacking

Penetration testing (also called ‘pen testing’ or more commonly ‘ethical hacking’) is the practice of testing computer systems, networks, and web-applications to find vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit.

A penetration test is an information security assessment which simulates an attack against an organisation’s IT assets. The ‘Red Team’ (ethical hackers) examine your IT systems for any weaknesses that genuine attackers would exploit to compromise the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of the network and associated data.

There is Such A Thing As Ethical Hacking

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What Value Do You Get With Pen Testing?

The penetration test will produce Technical and Management reports containing vulnerabilities, remediation steps, and guidance. This allows you to plan and prioritise any improvements to the way you process and store your data, thereby reducing your organisational risk.
Yet, whilst this is valuable in itself, there is a lot of additional value that may not be immediately obvious. For example, demonstrating a commitment to responsible and secure processes builds trust with your Clients, Partners, and regulating bodies. It shows you take your security obligations seriously.

Benefits of Pen Testing

 – Provide real information on vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure
 – Compliance adherence. Certain standards and certification bodies require penetration testing
 – Providing your clients and stake-holders a clear message that you take Cyber-Security seriously
 – Thoroughly tests your existing Cyber-Security defence capabilities
 – Offers third-party expert opinion
 – Protect your reputation and brand

Even More Value

From a commercial perspective, a penetration test can help close new business opportunities. If your customers are regulated, they may, in turn, need you to show that your products, services or environments are security tested regularly. Being able to demonstrate this as part of your negotiations may be critical to you receiving the order.
At the end of the penetration testing and remediation processes, you can be sure that we have assisted in ensuring that your business is now more aware, and cyber secure.

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We can guarantee you that all enquiries are dealt with by highly trained and experienced IT professionals, not call handlers or pre-recorded messages. When you receive an email from us we promise it’s been written by a living, breathing human who has taken the time to read and understand your enquiry, and we also promise to find a fast resolution so you can get on with running your business.

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LMS guided us to make the right decisions on software and new telecom systems. They are on hand 24/7 and are quick to respond to any queries we may have.

Tanya Bricker

Sussex Equine Hospital

LMS Group have been providing my IT and telecoms support for almost one year now. I have found all members of the team to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
The cost was so reasonable that I asked them to check if they had invoiced me correctly.

Jane Blaber

Liberty Bookkeeping

The new dedicated leased line has made a very positive impact on all we do here and the new phone system is also making us much more efficient.
In addition, I would like to praise the service LMS provide when we call for assistance for anything from computer queries to aiding in setting up Dropbox for business for us.

Annie Haak
Annie Haak

Annie Haak

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