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Microsoft Software Going EoL in 2020

Upgrade to Windows 10 before January 2020

How Does This Effect Your Business?

The time has come for over half of the businesses in the UK to upgrade their operating systems. In January 2020, Microsoft are making some of their most popular products End of Life / Service. Including Office 2010, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Project Server 2010 and more. This poses a lot of issues to businesses that are still running any of the above software:

  • When outdated software breaks, it cannot be fixed. Microsoft are not just withdrawing the software; they are dropping all support for it.
  • There are no more security patches or software updates, which will slow your business down and hinder your growth.
  • Older software will cost you more to run. Companies that upgrade to newer, faster, smarter and more secure operating systems and migrate to the cloud, will save a fortune over time.
  • Hackers love an end of life operating system; it means that any exploit they find will not be patched. Some people are speculating that hackers have already found exploits and are just waiting for the end of life date to come.
  • Non-Compliance with GDPR! Organisations that fail to protect their client’s data are no longer compliant with the strict GDPR rules and restrictions. One of the main criteria for GDPR is that you must use up-to-date, secure software.

Are you likely to be affected?

If you have recently upgraded your IT infrastructure, you are more than likely up-to-date and unlikely to be affected by the ‘2020 problem’. However, it is recommended to contact your IT provider just to make sure that you are safe. Even if one machine on your network is using older software, it could have disastrous consequences.

As mentioned above, it is speculated that many hackers have already found exploits in the software and are waiting for the end of life date. They do this as they know the exploits will not be patched and can be used repeatedly. So, if even one machine on your network has Windows 7 for example, it will leave your network vulnerable.

If you are a business still using Windows 7 or some of the software that is going EOL, then you will need to upgrade sooner rather than later. If you have no idea which software you are using, there is several ways to check. The best way to be sure, would be to contact your IT Support Provider. You can even call us on 0330 088 2565 if you would like, we will be able to tell you in a matter of minutes whether you need to upgrade and what will be needed to do so.

Why Not Wait Until 2020?

We have heard this many different times at LMS from different clients, when we tell them that an IT Infrastructure Upgrade can take a number of months and the risks they could encounter, they quickly realise why it is so important to get this done while the software is still supported. So, unless you really like to live life on the edge and put your whole infrastructure at risk, it is time to start upgrading now!

We understand that no one wants to map out a plan that will cover a few months for an infrastructure upgrade, to those of you that think this, I have good news for you. At LMS, we love a good project plan, we can completely plan and install your new IT systems from a mere concept through to becoming a safe, modern, more efficient workplace.

How Can LMS Group Help?

Like any big project, not just in IT, all the work can quickly become a nightmare without proper planning and support. At LMS, we pride ourselves on our ability to plan and manage an IT Infrastructure upgrade. It is a lot easier for a business owner to find someone that can manage to whole process on their behalf, which also means they can spend less time worrying about the stress that comes from an IT upgrade, and more time working on their business. Outsourcing your IT upgrade makes good business sense, for the following reasons:

  • It is more cost-effective. By outsourcing to LMS, you will save time and money
  • Our specialist team will do an outstanding job as they do this day in day out. The project is often completed to a higher level than that a business owner will be able to achieve.
  • You will be able to access LMS as and when you need us. Rather than having to recruit someone in house and spend a lot of money to keep them employed when they are not needed all the time
  • We will deal with everything from procurement, to planning, to implementation. Which gives you a single point of contact for all your queries. You will not have to chase a million different suppliers for updates, we will do it all for you.

The ‘2020 problem’ is a very real threat and should not be ignored. Please Contact LMS Group on 0330 088 2565 to find out more about our services and how we can help to mitigate this issue for you.