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Business VoIP


Why should your business switch to hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP services are cost effective, worry-free and flexible enough to suit any type of business. Keep in touch with customers, suppliers and team members as inexpensively as possible through a VoIP phone system that routes calls through the internet rather than down traditional phone lines.

This means we can offer fixed costs with free call packages but also provide a hosted telephony solution that doesn’t involve any bulky equipment or any worries about maintenance and breakdowns. Removing these complicated and problem-prone phone systems means much more reliable business communications, flexibility to use the system across multiple sites without any extra equipment, access for remote workers and a whole host of extra features that can be customised to suit your business.

Business VoIP Explained

Remote access to the cloud based phone system means, not only simple and cost effective phone access for people working from home or other locations, but also customers would still be able to contact the business if there was a serious problem at the business’ main premises. It is this kind of flexibility that makes hosted VoIP phone systems so useful. Adding lines, unlimited numbers of extensions and mobile devices to the system is quick and easy and, as the business develops and grows, the phone system can develop and grow with it without the need to constantly upgrade equipment or call in an engineer. As equipment dates so quickly, this is a great way to future proof your business communications to ensure you keep up with all the latest technology as all this is taken care of by us.

LMS Group can offer you a hosted VoIP solution like no other. Most VoIP providers operate through three main platforms which all have limitations and problems we knew we could overcome. That’s why we created our own enterprise grade platform that allows us to offer complete flexibility without any of the usual limitations that hamper VoIP services. As our platform is hosted across three UK data centres, we can offer industry leading 99.97% uptime. All this combined with our outstanding customer service and support means we can offer the best and most perfectly tailored VoIP telephony solution to any size or shape of business.

What's the difference between hosted, virtual, and cloud?

Hosted and Cloud VoIP works just like a traditional physical PBX but without the onsite equipment, without the expensive call charges and without the restrictions and problems created if you have a multi-site business. It is also very flexible as the shared resources offered by the cloud mean customers only pay for exactly what they need and adding, taking away or changing features is very simple and easy.
Virtual PBX systems can field calls like a physical PBX but can only deal with incoming calls so does not having the same money saving benefits when it comes to outgoing call charges.

Why did VoIP get a bad name?

Sadly, older VoIP phone systems had a reputation for being difficult and time consuming to install, unreliable, having poor reception quality, slow and delayed calls, not being very secure and poorly serviced by the companies who offered them. This was due, in part, to the technology not being up to the task but also to companies not implementing it very well.

Fortunately, technology has moved on and companies like LMS Group know exactly how to use it to offer businesses a fast, reliable and cost effective hosted VoIP phone system with quick, easy installation. Modern broadband and sophisticated call routing systems mean that we can provide hosted VoIP with superfast speeds, excellent clarity of sound and a superb support package and customer service to ensure companies get the most out of our systems.

I've invested in an on-premises phone system, can I still have VoIP?

For businesses with a large complex inhouse PBX or a brand new system, switching to a hosted VoIP phone system may seem like a difficult, expensive and time consuming process. Fortunately, by using SIP Trunking, we can connect your current traditional phone system to a VoIP system so you have all the cost saving benefits of routing all your calls through one line rather than multiple ones without the upheaval of changing your phone system.

Are you ready to switch to hosted VoIP?