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Robust backups for your business

Every business knows the importance of having a robust backup procedure in place, so you can stay 100% operational should anything go wrong. However, many business owners still haven’t adopted an effective backup procedure to ensure data security in a world beset by sophisticated cyber crime.

In the event that your business falls victim to a cyber disaster, LMS Group can ensure that your business is fully operational again as fast as possible. Using industry leading backup solutions ranging from physical, on-premise systems to cloud based backups, we ensure your business retains control of it’s data. 

Under GDPR, you also have a responsibility to safeguard user data. LMS Group backup and continuity services ensure you are fully GDPR compliant, avoiding any sanctions in the event of a data breach, and able to recover any user data. 

Robust backups for your business

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What if…?

• You could prevent business downtime?
• You could automate your system backups?
• You could keep a compliant backup of data?
• You could quickly recover any lost user data?
• You could move your backups into the cloud?
• You could prove GDPR user data compliance?

Backup & continuity benefits

• Rapid return to operation after a cyber disaster
• Fully automate your user data backups
• Backups can be stored locally or in the cloud
• Ensure all your data is secure 24/7/365
• Access your data backups anytime, anywhere
• Timely recovery of any lost or stolen data

Backup & continuity features

•Complete email system and data backups
• Backup of all your data into the secure cloud
• Ultra-fast critical business data recovery
• Realtime and continuous data backup
• Cloud, hybrid & on-site backup and recovery
• Remote backup monitoring and testing 

Our commitment to you

We guarantee that every customer enquiry is dealt with by a group of highly trained and experienced IT professionals, not a ‘chatbot’.

Every time you contact our team we’ll handle your enquiry promptly and expertly, helping you work out how best to improve IT for your business needs and staff benefit. So you can get on with running your business and focusing on growth.

Call and book your FREE backup and continuity review on 0330 088 2565

Client testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what LMS Group clients say:

We feel protected against cyber-attacks. We now have peace of mind that our system backups are good and, should the system fail, we’ll be back up and running in hours.

Compass Supply Solutions
David Woods

Compass Supply Solutions

The professionalism of the LMS Group team was just what was required to take my start-up business forward. I would highly recommend them to new or existing businesses.

The Funky Wine Company
Karl Walton

The Funky Wine Company

LMS Group is not only an excellent fit for us, the team value our relationship and work hard to help us deliver a great value IT service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Ben – The Automotive Industry Charity
Sharon Gordon

Ben – The Automotive Industry Charity

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