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Backup and Continuity


You probably already know the importance of having a robust backup procedure in place so your business can stay operational if anything goes wrong. But is your solution working? At LMS we work in close partnership with leading tech vendors to deliver industry leading solutions designed to help you ensure business continuity.

Through our audits we’ll identify any pain points and give you all the guidance you need to return to full operation within an agreed timeframe. Our impressive track record in leading successful projects means we’re more than capable of effortlessly leading you through even the most complex changes.


Backup Support

We believe that organisational size should have no relation to how reliable your IT system is. If you’re serious about backing up data and keeping your important information safe from harm, we’ll do everything in our power to help you. We don’t ever come into an organisation with a hard-sell approach so you can rest assured there will be no pushy sales person trying to get you to buy into a service you don’t want or need. What we can promise you is expert, friendly and totally impartial advice so you can make up your own mind based on what’s best for your business.

LMS provides a range of industry leading business continuity solutions, including:

  • Email system backups and imaging
  • Virtualised entire system backups
  • Super-fast data recovery
  • Simple or accredited backups
  • Continuous backups with snapshots
  • Cloud, Hybrid and on-site backup and recovery
  • Remote monitoring, testing and support
  • Managed backups

As you’d expect, all our technicians are fully trained, qualified and experienced and will be happy to answer any questions.

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