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Your business relies on communication. If your network lets you down you’re in danger of significant productivity losses and strained relationships with customers and suppliers. At LMS we provide a comprehensive range of networking services, from LANs and physical cables to WAN and MPLS solutions, security, telecoms and broadband – so you and your business can stay connected.

We’re in the unusual position of being able to call ourselves specialists in both IT and communications. This is pretty rare among networking providers, so we’re proud to say we excel in both. Our extensive experience allows us to effortlessly manage all aspects of networking, from the simple installation of cables all the way up to the design and implementation of entire Wide Area Networks. This unique offering means we can not only save you time, but deliver significant cost efficiencies too.

We’ll come to your premises to assess your current set up and gain a thorough picture of your business requirements, which usually means working at a strategic level with senior management and board members. When we have all the information we need we’ll present you with our findings, at which point (if you want to proceed further) you’ll be able to take advantage of our networking solutions:

On-site networking- including all cabling and wireless, hardware, software, telephony, access, performance testing, network support, design and installation, shared access, configuration of desktops and mobile devices.

External networking- ideal if you work across multiple locations, this includes secure and reliable site to site connectivity (Leased Lines), MPLS, and shared broadband such as ADSL and FTTC.

Internet- we deliver a full range of internet services from site connectivity through to domain hosting, hosted firewalls, security certificates, spam filters and access.

Auditing and testing- if you’re experiencing performance issues we’ll quickly get to the root of the problem. We also deliver audits and assessments and support you with compliance with industry standards (PCI, DSS and GDPR), to ensure your network is fit for purpose and doesn’t put you at risk of any breaches.

Service commissioning, supplier liaison and project management- as highly experienced managers, our senior team have all the skills and experience necessary to ensure your project is fully implemented within the agreed timescales.

Event management- sometimes networking faults come with little warning, so should you find yourself in this inconvenient and frustrating situation we’ll get to the bottom of the problem quickly and with minimal disruption.

Structured cabling- as specialists in all aspects of infrastructure cabling we can take care of everything from the LAN to the WAN along with large scale installations across multiple sites.

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