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It’s no secret that enterprise class technology doesn’t come cheap, which is one of the reasons why some organisations who don’t invest in technology often find themselves with below par IT and communication systems. At LMS we believe that a limited pot of money shouldn’t prevent you from being innovative and making your business a success, which is why we offer tailored and affordable leasing and finance options.

Flexible finance solutions allow you to drive your business forward with the latest technologies without putting a strain on your cash flow. With low monthly payments and one single point of contact for all your hardware, software and services, it’s the perfect way to balance your need for a reliable IT infrastructure that doesn’t overstretch your budget.

Together we’ll structure an affordable solution that’s specifically tailored to meet your business objectives, allowing you the flexibility to change and grow with your customers. With your capital expenditure significantly cut you’ll be able to spend your money on other important business areas, safe in the knowledge that your IT is up to date and right for you.

Equipment leasing results in improved cash-flow, allowing the ability to spread the cost of equipment over anything between 12 to 60 months making it quite an attractive and viable funding solution. This gives your company the opportunity to get that required technology upgrade to improve business productivity, whilst also retaining cash that would otherwise have been spent on capital expenditure; in turn giving you a cost effective and productive solution.

Benefits include:

  • Provides Planning Security: Fixed lease instalments are easy to calculate which allows you to budget your monthly outgoings
  • Helps you Maintain Liquidity: Leasing conserves equity and can strengthen your credit rating
  • No Deposit Needed: You only start paying once you receive the equipment
  • Better for Cash Flow: Spread the cost of your investment rather than having to pay for everything on day one.
  • 100% Tax Deductible: With Leasing arrangements, all payments are 100 % Tax Allowable, often providing savings above paying cash.


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