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Zap, pow: Captain Patch is ready to initiate rolling updates

We’ve joined Captain Patch on his journey through The Kingdom, from his early days along the Information Highway to his chance meeting with his sidekick, The Cloud. Our hero now keeps the metropolis on the move, ready to take on an array of threats that have taken hold across Cyber Space. Together with his sidekick The Cloud, he is able to vanquish areas of downtime or disruption before they engulf entire regions. No one but no one in The Kingdom will ever forget The Great Loss of 2015 where a  £10.5 billion chunk of valuable productivity was thrown into the pit of disruption.

His mission is clear: to ensure that every citizen in The Kingdom is healthy and happy in a sturdy and secure online environment, with every capability to progress and develop. Captain Patch routinely scans the city 81 times every day to resolve issues before they get out of hand. His work is an essential part of what keeps us all safe, conquering all online nasties from the light airy world of the cloud, right down to the solid ground that he lives to serve.

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Captain Patch may be a fighter, but he is also quite a thinker. Together with The Cloud, the pair carries out vital updates to maintain the infrastructure around him that’s in constant flux. During those dark days without Captain Patch to keep systems updated, Cyberspace criminals exploited vulnerabilities to access classified files and wreak havoc. Today, those gaps have been fused shut and slick, streamlined updates have revolutionised connectivity in The Kingdom.

Captain Patch has left a lasting legacy across towns and cities across The Kingdom, but his work is never done. Just when he thinks that he has achieved everything he can, a bigger and better update thunders before him. Our pioneer can easily be seduced by the latest development – he has developed a passion for the finer things in life. In this final instalment, we leave our hero and The Cloud busily stabilising an ever-changing landscape, but they are not alone in their quest for infrastructure greatness; they are an essential chunk of a crime-fighting, kick-ass superhero team that safeguard precious systems.

You’ve met Backup Man, and now we’ve revealed the innovative world of Captain Patch and The Cloud. They’re pretty busy, as you may expect, but they always set aside time to answer cries of help. Please send all correspondence to or call 0330 088 2565, because if there’s one thing all superheroes love, it’s a good chat!