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IT Support

IT support maintains productivity

IT support is essential to keep everyone productive and business on track. LMS Group support packages make sure all users, wherever they are, can keep communicating, collaborating and sharing information efficiently.

We recognise every business is different, so we offer everything from online support and a remote service desk, through to complete bespoke packages. All the IT support you need to give your business ultimate peace of mind.

If you’re a small business, we can even offer pay as you go support, so you can flex and change your support package as your business expands.

West Sussex IT Support

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Ongoing support monitoring

We protect your network, servers, PCs and user devices 24/7 with remote monitoring, so if anything out of the ordinary occurs our team can react immediately to fix any critical IT issues.

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Service desk remote support

Ideal for when you’re looking for user help, extra support during busy periods or need an IT expert to deal with a more complex technology issue. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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Pay as you go support

Many smaller businesses don’t yet have the budget for a full support package, so this option means you can use all of our support services as and when you need them.

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Bespoke & unlimited support

Outsource your IT to us and we’ll take care of it all, with tailor made services to fit your specific business needs, from individual user help through to strategic IT consultancy.

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IT support is essential to maintain productivity

Onsite support

If you don’t have the budget, space or ongoing requirement for an in house IT department, then our onsite support services could be the perfect answer to all of your IT needs.

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Pay as you go support

Suitable for businesses of all sizes that aren’t yet ready for long term support commitment. You can use our IT support packages and services as and when you need them.

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Remote support

If you want to keep on site resource costs to a minimum, but want efficient support and cutting-edge technologies, remote support could well be your best option.

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Proactive monitoring

Our monitoring keeps all your networks, servers, PCs and devices safe 24/7. If our system spots anything at all  out of the ordinary, then our support team can get to work on it fast.

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Unlimited support

Many businesses simply don’t want the hassle of worrying about technology support. Our unlimited support ensures your IT is always running at its absolute best at all times.

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Bespoke support

We offer tailor made services to fit every business’ needs perfectly. Outsource all of your IT to LMS Group and we’ll take care of everything, including your IT strategy.

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Service desk

The ideal solution for every small business, whether you’re looking for extra support during busy periods, or you need to talk to an expert to handle complex IT issues.

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What clients say

LMS Group has helped a wide range of small and larger businesses across all sectors, keeping them all on track with ongoing IT support. Read more in our case studies.

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Call to book your FREE IT support review with a consultant TODAY on 0330 088 2565

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