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Service Level Agreements

How do we define our response to your issues and requests? Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are put in place to reflect our reliability, efficiency and confidence in the support we provide.

Our SLAs will bring you peace of mind and is beneficial for both parties. Based on what your needs are, you will receive guaranteed service depending on where your enquiry fits within our standard response times.

Service Level Agreements
IT Support Response Times & SLAs

Standard Response Times & SLAs

Service Level Agreements represent and define our response to your requests depending on their urgency and impact to your business. They give you a promise and confidence that we are providing an efficient process for your IT support needs.


Bespoke SLAs

Does your business require a bespoke set of SLAs?

We can provide bespoke SLAs to suit your business needs and IT infrastructure. Whether that's different speeds of response, priority, or hours of cover. If this is something your business needs, just ask our team.


Bespoke SLAs
IT Support Response Times & SLAs

Standard Hours We Cover

Our standard cover runs from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (GMT/BST), from Monday to Friday, but excluding Bank Holidays for England.

Our monitoring service runs from 24x7x365 and major issues are dealt with by our out-of-hours incident team regardless of your cover.

Our SLA times only run during your agreed hours of cover.

IT Support Response Times & SLAs

High Severity

The whole organisation is affected by a certain problem or issue.

IT Support Response Times & SLAs

Medium Severity

Department or large group of people affected by the same problem.

IT Support Response Times & SLAs

Low Severity

One person or small group of people are affected by the same issue.

IT Support Response Times & SLAs

High Impact

The issue is critical and one or more major business process has stopped.

IT Support Response Times & SLAs

Medium Impact

Operational efficiency is degraded, but there's a reasonable workaround or other members of the team are impeded.

IT Support Response Times & SLAs

Low Impact

There's an easy workaround, so this is more of an irritation than a stoppage.

IT Support Priority Matrix
IT Support Priority Matrix

Overriding our priorities

We understand that sometimes there needs to be flexibility when it comes to fixing problems you may be having. Perhaps you're having connectivity issues that are resulting in downtime, or a member of the team is unable to access a part of the server.

With that in mind, our technicians are able to override the SLAs we have in place to ensure your business is back up and running quickly. If you need something actioned quickly, thus overriding our SLAs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by contacting our Service Desk or your dedicated Account Manager.

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