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A sneak peek inside Backup Man’s not-so-secret storage base

You’ve seen him in action already, but what hero is complete without a heroic hideout? Welcome to the Backup Base!

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape his sight. And they won’t be able to get into Backup Man’s Backup Base and get at your precious data either. Backup Man has made sure of that. Backup Man, and his team of trusty, storage savvy sidekicks at LMS keep an ever vigilant eye on the Backup Base (which we know as encrypted, UK-based cloud storage) to keep the baddies away from all the information you store there.

The best kept secret from the bad guys is the worst kept secret among the realm of goodies. Like all good superheroes, Backup Man is looking out for the greater good; the greater good of secure, remote-access data storage. Backup Man’s not-so-secret storage base ensures that all of your sensitive business data is protected at all times, but is still easily accessible for you and your team.

So what will you find in the Backup Base? Because Backup Man is a supreme superhero, it only makes sense that his HQ be equally epic, so the Backup Base is a hero hideout like no other. Based in the light and airy world of the cloud, data is safe from harm and out of nasty villains’ arms reach. With his super backup powers, Backup Man can monitor the cloud base and warrant that your data is under a watchful eye, even when you’re not looking at it.

And, because he’s one of the good guys, you can rest assured that the Backup Base and all of Backup Man’s powers are UK hosted and compliant with UK laws. This means that, unlike cheaper solutions, the Backup Base a whole range of accreditations like the ISO 27001 for Information security and the ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

If you’re thinking of joining Backup Man in fighting the forces of cyber-evil or need to ensure your data is out of harm’s way, get in touch with his trusty LMS sidekicks today. They don’t have a bat signal but they do have phones and emails. Get exclusive access to the Backup Base by calling 0330 088 2565 or emailing  Find out more about our brilliant backup services by clicking here.