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Proud to support a local charity

LMS Group are proudly be supporting an amazing local charity that provides in-home care to children between the ages of 0 and 19 that are living with life-threatening or terminal illnesses as well as offering financial and emotional care to their families.

The Sussex Snowdrop nurses provide care to children suffering from illnesses such as:
   • Cancer
   • Leukaemia
   • Cystic fibrosis 
   • Liver, heart and lung abnormalities
   • Many other illnesses and syndromes (some are too complex for diagnosis)

Why was the trust founded?

In 1992, Dr Ann Wallace, Consultant Paediatrician for the Chichester area, and Ward Sister Beth Connolly, asked families of sick children what their needs were when they left hospital and returned home.

They found:
• Parents wanted to know more about their child’s illness
• Parents wanted to be shown how to care for their child
• Providing financial assistance was essential
• Parents required some freedom and time together

With no funds available to help these special families, in 1993 Co-Founders Kate Shaw, Diana Levantine and Frank Snell, set up The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and its special Children’s Community Nursing Team.

The picture to the left shows the three founders (center three) collecting the first cheque ever made out to them. 

LMS GROUP with Di Levantine - Chairman and Co Founder -The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

How will LMS Group help?

With this new partnership comes an opportunity to help make a huge difference to the lives of the many snowdrop children.

Not only will we be running frequent campaigns throughout the year, but we also have an exciting new fundraising initiative to announce…

Any new quotes provided to you by LMS Group will have the OPTION of including an additional 1% of the total order value as a donation. If you opt to include the additional 1% to your order, LMS Group will match this and donate the total amount to The Sussex Snowdrop Trust. Which means your 1% donation becomes 2%. 

This example is based on £10,000 but quotes of any value WILL be included in the initiative.

‘We are so delighted that the young, professional company, LMS Group are supporting The Sussex Snowdrop Trust by doubling the match funding on their clients contribution. It is so heart warming that LMS are striving to give back to their local community in this way.

Their clients, together with LMS, will help to provide the vital nursing care which is needed for local families whose child has a life threatening or terminal illness. The charity provides financial, emotional and practical help every step of their journey. This is a new and exciting platform to help us raise our profile and fundraising capabilities.’

Di Levantine, Chair and co-founder of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Here are our current fundraising campaigns

We will be updating this page throughout the year, so if there is nothing listed at the moment, please check back soon. 

We are always open to suggestions when it comes to fundraising opportunities. If you can think of anything you would like to see us do, please email us on

1% joint donation scheme

As listed above, if you decide to add 1% to your total order value LMS Group will match this and donate the full 2% to the trust, where it will be used to help the snowdrop children. 

Find out more

On the 8th of October, some of the LMS Group team are going to be taking part in a skydive to help raise money for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust.

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Coming soon…

We will  be updating this page as and when a new fundraising opportunity arises. If you have any fundraising ideas for us, please email them to

Coming soon…

We will be updating this page as and when a new fundraising opportunity arises. If you have any fundraising ideas for us, please email them to

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