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Compromised computers

Computer systems are being compromised more often

As you may be aware, there have been a lot of incidents recently where SMEs have had their computer systems and networks compromised. This is becoming more and more frequent.  So, to try and prevent this from happening to you, I have put together some resources, please see below: Microsoft, Apple and any other big…
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Dr Disruption threatening your business? Call Captain Patch

Our last exciting instalment showed our hero Captain Patch with his ever trusty sidekick, The Cloud. We now move on,  through the realm of Cyberspace to find ourselves in slightly choppier waters. Without proper protection, your business could be under threat from a number of devious cyber-criminals out to threaten The Kingdom. Dr Disruption is one…
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A sneak peek inside Backup Man’s not-so-secret storage base

Join Backup man in fighting the forces of cyber evil by contacting LMS today!

Backup Man vs Evil Emperor Ransomware

Cybercrime is on the rise and affecting millions of small, medium and large businesses in the UK. In 2016, 2.9 million British companies were hit by some sort of cybercrime at a total cost of £29.1 billion. The evil Emperor Ransomware is just one cybercriminal out to compromise business’ cyber security. His mission is simple;…
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Don’t get caught out hook, line & sinker

Throughout 2016 so far, we’ve all been bombarded with stories about network security breaches.   However this news isn’t really new! As technology evolves so do those annoying online nasties who find pleasure in casting their nets over businesses, and hauling in whatever they can catch for their own benefit.   Well what is Network…
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Bogus Boss Can Cost!

CEO or ‘bogus boss’ email scamming is becoming a scarily popular way to take money from unsuspecting businesses. Fraudsters are sending completely fraudulent but plausible emails posing as ‘the boss’ of your company. These emails are often directed at you (the employee), to make a payment or transfer money. Although reading this blog you’re probably…
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