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Both great customer service and compliance should be one of your main business objectives. But no matter how friendly and efficient your frontline staff, sometimes disputes happen and customers don’t always end a call completely satisfied. By recording conversations and orders, you’ll be able to quickly summarise the discussion, enabling you to quickly resolve any issues and keep your customers happy.

Our call recording software will enhance your business by helping you deliver an improved level of customer service, resulting in higher retention levels.

Call recording software is also fantastic for team working and conference calls. Because phone meetings can all be automatically recorded and summarised via emails, there’s no more confusion regarding roles, responsibilities or actions and no need for a minute taker.


The benefits of call recording include:

  • Prompt resolution of disputes
  • Compliance with industry regulations, FCA & PCI DSS
  • Quality monitoring
  • Improved team work and communication
  • Defined roles and responsibilities

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