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Faxes have been an intrinsic part of business communications since the 1980s. The concept is relatively simple; you scan your document in the machine which then encodes the information and transmits it through your phone line. The machine at the other end then decodes the signal and prints a copy of your document.

Fax2Email is based on the same concept, except it’s all done via the internet instead of you needing a fax machine to receive the document. All that’s needed is to either register for a new number or move your existing fax number over to our cloud-based solution, which is then linked to an email address of your choice. Hey presto, faxes now get sent straight to your inbox in PDF format – no more waiting for wasteful pieces of paper to be printed out and giving you greater control over sensitive documents.


Fax2Email key benefits include:

  • No need for hardware, software or line rental
  • Simple registration
  • Improved security
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Eco friendly
  • Works across multiple platforms
  • Store important and sensitive faxes direct to your hard drive
  • Allows you to pick up faxes whilst on the road

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