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Switching to SIP

Session Initiation Protocol, also known as SIP, is a communications protocol that has been created to take over from ISDN and will offer a cheaper, more flexible way to communicate.  SIP trunks run over your internet connection- if your data connection is shared with SIP Trunks, we setup Quality of Service so that your internet traffic doesn’t compromise your call quality. With ISDN due to be phased out over the next few years, more and more businesses are recognising the multiple benefits of switching to SIP.

Benefits include:

  • A reduction of up to 50% in line rental (sometimes even more!)
  • Full future proofing
  • Built in disaster recovery and continuity
  • No need to change your number when you transfer over to SIP- your existing number can be easily ported across using next generation voice switches
  • Automated switching to secondary calling routes
  • Calls directed to any number you want
  • No tie in to telephone exchanges
  • Crystal clear calls with HD audio

Deploying SIP trunks into your business is easy when you know how, but if telecoms is outside of your comfort zone it’s important to go with a trusted provider who can ensure the whole thing goes smoothly and with no disruption.

At LMS we’re in the perfect position to handle the entire process on your behalf, because unlike most IT companies we’re also experts in telecoms.  We’re highly knowledgeable and experienced in the deployment and management of SIP trunks, so we’ll check whether your existing network and phone system is able to handle the change and identify how much bandwidth you need before making the move. And just like everything else we do, we’ll keep you in the loop during the whole process and keep your best interests at the forefront at all times.

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