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Cloud is flexible and reduces costs

The days of buying servers and software are over. Cloud solutions are software combined with data storage on demand. Cloud is fully scalable, so you only pay for the computing power and services you need.

For employees there’s Microsoft Office 365 that holds all of your critical business contacts and calendars in the cloud, plus full Microsoft Office functionality on the go. This makes employees more productive, with access to the information they need anytime, anywhere and on any device.

For your business, you can move those old legacy systems you had sitting in a server room directly to the cloud. This removes issues of support, development and upgrades, whilst saving money at the same time.

Reduces costs

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What if…?

• You could increase staff productivity?
• You could all of reduce all your IT costs?
• You could access all your data securely?
• You could move old IT out of your office?
• You never worried about IT servers again?
• You could move your IT to pay-as-you-go?

Cloud benefits

• Reduce your overall business IT cost and risk
• Only pay for the IT services your business needs
• Data storage and computing power on demand
• No server room software upgrades or licenses
• Integrate your old legacy systems into the cloud
• Secure cloud information and data transfer

Call to book your FREE security review with a consultant TODAY on 0330 088 2565

FREE security review

Our FREE cyber security check finds out how secure your IT and network is and whether your business can withstand a cyber-attack or data breach.

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Cyber security audits

With cyber crime on the rise, skimping on your IT security could be a big business risk. Our cyber security audit packages suit businesses of all sizes.

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Get security accredited

LMS Group is Cyber Essentials PLUS accredited, delivering the UK government scheme that encourages businesses to guard against common cyber threats.

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Complete IT security

A comprehensive suite of IT security services and solutions, making sure that organisations of all sizes have a secure IT environment and network.

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Managed security

Every business owner knows It can be a security risk. Our cyber security audit packages help business of all sizes manage all of their IT risks.

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Our approach

At LMS Group our priority is a focus on IT security. Our security expertise keeps your business safe 24/7/365 from cyber attack and data breach risks.

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Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability assessment scanning is a a detailed technical inspection of your organisation’s computers and networks to identify security risks.

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Penetration testing

With penetration testing we thoroughly test all your business computer systems, networks and web applications to find any security vulnerabilities.

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Phishing awareness

We train users about Phishing emails – attempts to steal business information and infect user devices with malware, as well as other security advice.

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Assurance compliance

Launched by the Department for Business in 2014, Cyber Essentials is a UK wide scheme that encourages businesses to adopt good IT Security.

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Microsoft 365

Office 365, Windows 10 and security combined, delivering the productivity of Office 365, information access, device management and data security.

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Microsoft EMS

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) is a sophisticated suite of tools that allows complete control over all your business data and devices.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

LMS has been absolutely brilliant. They overhauled our ancient systems and migrated us to Office 365. LMS has been instrumental in our move to our new site and completed all the work to specifications.

Sussex Equine Hospital
Tanya Bricker

Company Practice Manager
Sussex Equine Hospital

Since moving to LMS, we have increased our productivity and efficiency of day to day business life due to less downtime.

Jeremy Burbidge
Jeremy Burbidge

Managing Director

LMS were energetic, knowledgeable and fast to find cloud solutions to legacy problems, with a roadmap to transform our infrastructure. We are in a much more flexible and autonomous state thanks to LMS.

Ben Philipson

Deputy Managing Diretor 
Marlin PR

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